Saturday, 26 July 2014

Six weeks without sugar (almost)...but today I really fancied chocolate!

It even crossed my mind to sit down with the box of chocolates that is lurking in the fridge and just eat the whole lot.  Instead, I had three.  I think part of the problem was that when I weighed myself this morning, I had gone up by 600g in two days.  That's more than a pound, and quite demoralising when you've been eating sensibly and have only just reached your goal! I know it will probably disappear as quickly as it appeared, but even so, how annoying!

I also had a bit or a carb fest this afternoon, with LOTS of crackers and soft cheese.  I started off with six and it became about 16! 

Today is my six-week anniversary of my sugar-free programme and overall it has definitely been a success, and I plan to continue with 5:2 - that is, five sugar-free days per week and a little indulgence on the others.

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