Sunday, 13 July 2014

Friday, and a break from the norm

Away on the south coast for my partner's 50th.  I had lunch at school (leftover pizza!) then nothing to eat until we went out for an Indian meal at 8.30pm.  I had my usual poppadums, paneer, rice and saag aloo.  There is probably sugar in the mango chutney but I only had a spoonful or two.  We had a great night, the host was very hospitable, giving us complimentary onoin bhajis, curry sauce and even ice lollies for the kids.  Then he brought the bill, along with a dozen After Eights (there were only six of us) and a little box of chocolates that he gave to my mum.  She's a pensioner and my dad was there too, but he must have taken a shine to her!

I usually love After Eights, but I just didn't want any.  I didn't feel deprived, and I was saving myself for birthday cake!

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