Monday, 21 July 2014

Back at last summer's weight

As of Sunday morning I am very firmly back where I spent most of last summer after 5:2 helped me to shift 2 stone.  I had regained about 8lbs due to my overeating of sugary, unhealthy foods.  On Saturday evening I finally opened the box of chocolates that had spent two weeks in the fridge.  I had five, which felt like more than enough, and was still under my TDEE.  Now they are back in the fridge for another week! 

I think I will 5:2 my sugar consumption and see how that works, but will only eat it if I am bothered enough to do so.  I could easily have gone without eating those chocolates, but it was more curiosity than desire that led me to eat them.  Now I know that a few chocolates doesn't push me off the wagon I feel more confident about eating them occasionally. 

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