Sunday, 13 July 2014

Start of week 5 - can I get back on the sugar-free wagon?

In a word, yes!  I did have a couple of mini Danish pastries with my breakfast in the hotel, but wouldn't have bothered if I'd been at home.  Lunchtime was spent at Go Ape, so just had a peppermint tea and some water as we headed back home from our weekend away.  Dinner was sugar-free, and even though I've had a couple of things to eat this weekend that I wouldn't normally have under my new regime, I still don't feel the urge to snack between meals.  I've already made my Greek yogurt (full-fat, naturally) and coconut ready for my breakfast tomorrow and I'm looking forward to getting back to what has become my 'normal'.  Hopefully my sunburned shoulders will be back to normal tomorrow too!

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