Saturday, 19 July 2014

The end of sugar-free week 5

I made it to the end of term!  I'm don't think I thought I could do that five weeks ago.  We've had cake coming everywhere you look this week, our pupils and parents have been very generous.  However, I've resisted it all!  I'd have eaten some (or even plenty!) normally but wasn't tempted this time.

A kind parent gave me a large box of Ferrero Rocher, which was very thoughtful and much appreciated.  Luckily I don't like them, so they are quite safe from me.   Others in the household will eat them instead.

Last night was our work end of term 'do' and a farewell to some colleagues who are leaving the school.  We paid £25 for the evening, which turned out to me a pub buffet with plates no bigger than saucers and half of it was meat or fish based anyway so no good to me.  One of our colleagues played with his band.  They are very talented and I enjoyed listening to them but the volume meant it was impossible to have a conversation at the same time.  So, when the cake came out and I'd only had a few nibbles from the buffet I thought 'sod it, I've paid £25 and hardly eaten anything, at least if I have some cake too I will feel like it's better value for money!'  It was one of those evenings where you get home hungry (unless you've stopped for a kebab en route, that is).

Since I started my virtually sugar-free lifestyle, I have lost 6.5lbs/3kg, had two menstrual cycles with no PMT, noticed clearer skin, shinier hair and I feel great!  Although I was initially aiming for a 5 week plan as I'm not following the I Quit Sugar programme at all (I just went cold turkey and then kept going) another 3 weeks will take me to the start of my summer holidays away from home.  I might have the odd indulgence, like those chocolates that have already been in the fridge for two weeks, but I'm definitely not going back to eating sugar every day like I used to.

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