Monday, 7 July 2014

The first box of chocolates has arrived!

A deputation of parents came into my classroom this morning, with an enormous card, a box of chocolates and a very generous gift card.  Some had delayed going into work especially in order to be there!  I have never felt so valued, it was such a lovely idea. 

I haven't remembered to bring the chocolates home yet, but when I do, they'll be going in the fridge in preparation for the end of term, which is not until the 18th.

I am lucky to work in such a fantastic school with a lovely bunch of children and their parents.

Another weigh in this morning saw me 2.1kg lighter than I was when I started my sugar free journey three weeks ago.  Only 200g to go until my target!  I suspect I will be gaining more than I lose this weekend though, as we are staying in a hotel for my partner's 50th.

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