Sunday, 29 June 2014

Salted popcorn...bleugh!

A trip to the cinema this evening, which is usually accompanied by a Costa hot chocolate, a pack of wafer biscuits and maybe something else to nibble on too.  Instead, I took along salted popcorn from the supermarket...not as nice as my usual option, but nonetheless sugar-free.

Today I haven't been craving chocolate, but thinking about it, which is not at all the same thing!  I have lots in the house, but it's not here for me to eat, so I'm ignoring it.  Three more weeks to go, then I'll tuck into the end of term chocs with relish.

Look, I know the blog title says 8 weeks but to be honest, it's too easy to do this to make it worthwhile dragging it out for eight weeks.  Maybe I'll take a week off when the school hols start and then resume my sugarless lifestyle until we go on holiday three weeks later.

Later on I'm going to watch this video, 'Cereal Killers' which was tweeted by Dr Aseem Malhotra.


Saturday, 28 June 2014

End of the second sugar-free week

So I've completed another week without sugar, and I end the week feeling much more positive about the effects of my abstention.  Weight-wise, I am now 1.3kg lighter than I was two weeks ago (I think last week's time of the month really skewed my figures, as that has all dropped off this week).  My skin is clear, my energy levels more stable, and I'm not having any detox symptoms.  I don't generally eat between meals, or even think about food either.

This morning I volunteered at parkrun so ran there and back, and around half of the course, walking the rest as part of my 'tailrunner' role.  Psychologically, I have convinced myself that I don't have as much energy as I normally would, although I suspect that's not the case.  I should really try a much longer run, say around 15km, to see how I get on.  I'm just worried about running out of steam and being miles away from home!

Friday, 27 June 2014

Day 13 without sugar

On a school trip today, and belated remembered that the bolognaise I'd made for lunch was completely unsuitable since I was going to be out all day!  Ended up buying a sandwich instead.  Had dinner at 8.30 and wasn't even hungry in between.

Weght stable today, and a 5k run this evening plus a fair amount of walking.

Thursday, 26 June 2014

Day 12 and still finding it easy to be sugar-free

I actually had time to eat properly today, which is a big improvement on the last two days.  Another 200g loss this morning, so now lighter than I've been for a month or two, but I expect it to increase again now I've eaten properly. 

Someone's birthday at work, and she brought in samosas not chocolate or cakes, so I was able to have some.  A bit spicy, but at least I wasn't sitting there while everyone else tucked in. 

I still find that my blood sugar and hunger are stable.  I barely think about food between meals and rather than sit on the sofa in the evenings with my partner and a chocolate bar each, there's just us and HIS chocolate bar!

I've reread the I Quit Sugar book and don't find it particularly helpful.  It's not that it was a waste of money, just that having gone cold turkey on sugar and now just ignoring the stuff, I don't feel like there is anything to do.  Who needs an 8 week programme that doesn't really include any progression?

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Day 11 weight loss update

I nearly forgot...I was 800g lighter this morning than yesterday, maybe in part due to the exercise and the light eating day.  This means I now weigh the same as I did a week ago, so am 800g lighter than I was when I started this period of sugar deprivation.  Wonder what tomorrow will bring...

Day 11 without lunch :(

What a mad day...had my breakfast at 10.30, ordered a school meal for lunch, ended up having a crucial phone conversation until ten minutes before lunch break ended so had to forego the school meal and there wasn't time for anything else to eat either.  Worked through pm break, had a meeting straight after school and finally got home and made an early dinner at 5.30pm.  Still only on 720 calories today!

Today was the first time I've been tempted to hit the biscuit tin, not because I was craving them but simply for convenience.  I resisted though, and remain sugar free.

Later I'd better find something else to eat.  I had planned a veggie stir fry for tonight but when I got home I wanted something more substantial.

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Sugar-free day 10

Another day over, and more chocolate on the staff room table that I resisted easily.  I was no more interested than if someone had left a plate of cold meats or chicken legs there for me to help myself from - I've been vegetarian for 30 years!  Colleagues who know I'm doing this are interested, supportive, incredulous and not in the least tempted to join me.  One asked if I'd found my blood sugar crashing, and in fact I've found that it's the complete opposite.

My weight this morning was the same as yesterday.  I'm not a habitual daily weigher but at the moment it seems more likely to induce weight loss, which I know is nonsensical.

I ran 7.5km this evening, could have done more but it was getting late.  An average speed of 10km/h is not particularly fast for me but I hadn't eaten since lunch and didn't run til 8.30pm so perhaps that didn't help.

Fingers crossed that tomorrow brings a loss and another day of healthy, sugar-free eating, maybe even another run too.

Monday, 23 June 2014

Sugar free but exhausted

I survived another sugar-free day.  I barely even glance at the staff room biscuit barrel now.  I either have breakfast on arrival at work, then have Greek yogurt at morning break, or just wait until break time and eat then.  It seems that my blood sugar levels are really stable now, for I rarely think about food between meal times.

I wouldn't say I've been having cravings, that's too strong a word...more like temptations!  I'm going to have to move that packet of jaffa cakes in the cupboard, they aren't even in a box and the sight of them is more than I can tolerate.  There's chocolate in the fridge too, but it's on the top shelf and I can't really see up there.  Knowing it's there isn't a problem, it's out of bounds and it doesn't feel like its existence has got anything to do with me. 

I was 100g lighter this morning, which is fairly meaningless but still a step in the right direction.  I had planned to run when I got home from work, but having not slept properly since Thursday night I was overcome by exhaustion and had a 90 minute nap instead! I felt foggy when I first awoke but I'm much more with it now.

Still think I can do this for another four weeks until the end of term.  It's not the desire to do so that's the problem, or that's it's a hardship, but when I'm gaining weight by eating less sugar it seems fairly pointless!

Sunday, 22 June 2014

A sugar-free week, but otherwise unsuccessful :(

I am so fed up and demoralised today....a week of clean eating, tracking all my food on My Fitness Pal and staying under my 1600 goal every day, two runs, lots of walking, absolutely no sugar, and not only have I not lost any weight, I am 100g heavier than last Sunday morning when I started this programme.

The temptation to go and demolish the packet of 12 jaffa cakes in my cupboard is strong, but I'm resisting.  I haven't come this far to give up now.  However, some success on the scales would be much appreciated!  Earlier this week I'd dropped 900g, but that's all come back on.  Pah.

Saturday, 21 June 2014

End of the first sugar-free week

So I did it...a week without sugar!  I've done it before, but not recently, and I don't recall finding it so easy as quickly as I did this time.  I haven't really missed it, although the jaffa cakes lurking in the cupboard still call my name every time I open that door. 

Since my weight is still the same as it was a week ago, I wonder what tomorrow will bring.  I also plan to go for a long run, but am concerned about fuel.  It's normal for me to run first thing in the morning without eating first, but I'll have less to rely on than normal, perhaps.

Day 6 without sugar

So I survived Chocolate Friday at work...had my usual Greek yogurt with coconut instead.  Lentil soup, crispbreads and sugar-free peanut butter for lunch, and pizza fiorentina for dinner.  Still under my TDEE (probably because the other half of the pizza is in the fridge!)

However, I was 300g heavier this morning than I was yesterday!  That seems a little unfair, especially after a loss earlier in the week.  Physically, I feel great, and I'm not getting hunger pangs.  Between meals, I barely think about food at all, in fact.  I've ignored the staffroom biscuit barrel all week, whereas I'd normally have my hand in there three times a day.  Maintaining this way of eating until the end of term (four more weeks) seems perfectly manageable.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Day 5 and a sugar-free run

Having been pleased with my weight loss yesterday, I was inexplicably 300g up this morning.  In the afternoon the reason became clear, as it's that time of the month.  Interestingly, I have not had ANY cravings or increased appetite, which I normally would.  Two or three days before the start, I'd normally find myself eating anything that's not nailed down!  This time, no symptoms at all and I was taken by surprise.

I ran 6.5km this evening.  I think psychologically I was convincing myself it was difficult because I'm running on different fuel, yet my Garmin shows I still ran at 10.5km/h on average.  It's pretty windy too, so that made it a challenge at times.

So far, I'm really pleased with how this week has gone.  The question is, can I maintain my self-control at breaktime tomorrow morning - it's Chocolate Friday!

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Day 4 without sugar

Does browsing sugar-free recipes count as a lapse?!  I'll try some next week and report back - the shortbread sounds promising.  I haven't cooked with stevia before but will give it a go.  I'm not going to try anything with honey or agave etc.  I'm not even eating fruit at the moment so honey wouldn't make sense.

Survived the day with just my mail meals - puffed wheat cereal and coconut with yogurt, pasta bolognaise for lunch and pizza and salad for dinner.  A little short of my calorie goal but I simply wasn't hungry.  I took some salted popcorn to work for a snack but didn't get a chance to eat it in the end.  There's always tomorrow.  I suspect I'd have found time to eat chocolate though...

Weighed in today at 2lbs/900g lighter than I was on Sunday morning, the start of day 1.

Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Another sugar-free day completed

I'm sort of waiting for the detox feeling to start.  If it's been three days already, maybe it's not going to?  I've been absolutely fine today.  I had puffed wheat cereal and milk for breakfast and then my yogurt later, plus egg and cheese salad for lunch and Quorn bolognaise for dinner, with more cheese!  I definitely met my calorie goal today, which is good (and a change from the first two days).

I don't think this was supposed to be so easy - but I'm glad that it is!

Monday, 16 June 2014

Day 2 without sugar

It's been easier than I thought, so far...I've been hungry but not craving sugar.  In the past, I would have assuaged that hunger through the staff room biscuit tin, but not today.

I had Greek yogurt and coconut for breakfast, although I didn't eat it until 10.30, then salad for lunch with sliced Quorn fillets and a dressing made from balsamic vinegar and olive oil.  I finished the Quorn to satisfy the hunger pangs.  Dinner is the leftover veg stirfry and smoked tofu (same as yesterday, but it needs eating up.)

I have been tired and have a slight headache, but nothing to moan about really.  Roll on day 3!

Sunday, 15 June 2014

First day update

Back from my run, a windier than expected 5.5km.  Didn't break my 5k PB, or aim to, but set a new kilometre record of 4:57, which is 13 seconds faster than previously :)

11am and I've had nothing to eat, I guess that is as sugar-free as it gets?!

4pm update
I've had two eggs scrambled with a little butter, some nuts and edamame.  That will keep me going until dinner, which will either be a salad or stir fry.  I'm not doing low carb, even if it sounds like it so far, just as sugar-free as I can manage.  I've bought some crispbreads, peanut butter and rice cereal (all without added sugar) as well as plenty of cheese, eggs, tofu and quorn, and of course salad and veg.

I need to plan my meals for the week, as I can't bear to throw out fresh food that I should have eaten already before it went off.

The first day

Today's the day...I've eaten 4 Muller corners (and discovered each one contains 20g of sugar!) so from now on it's real Greek yogurt for me.  Out for a run now, then shopping later for the right kind of foods.  I'm going to avoid processed foods except for Quorn mince and pieces, stevia sweetener and sugar free wholegrain bread, if I can find any. 

At the moment, I feel confident and optimistic and I'm looking forward to having more energy and less tooth decay!

Saturday, 14 June 2014

The day before my sugarless future

Earlier this week I saw the book 'I Quit Sugar' by Sarah Wilson (see here) in Tesco.  At £9, I didn't buy it...but I did get it for Kindle for considerably less!  Having done the Harcombe diet in the past, I've been sugar-free before, and I know I coped and I didn't miss it.  I didn't find it sustainable though, and relapsed to 'normal' eating, finding myself 20lbs heavier two years later.  In February 2013 I embarked on 5:2 and lost that, and more, and have stayed at a healthy weight for more than a year. 

So right now I'm 46, I weigh less than I have done for many years, and I can run for two hours or more non-stop.  I've set new Personal Bests for 5k and 10k several times over in the last six months, achieving times I didn't think I was capable of.  Recently I've been running 18-21km every other weekend, and not finding it too much of a struggle at fact, I've even enjoyed it! 

So why give up sugar?  Well, last year I spent around £500 on repairing the damage sugar has done to my teeth.  I said then that I would reduce my intake.  I think I did, for a while, but I've slipped back into bad habits recently.  I find it easy to fast and can even go without food for 24-36 hours, no problem, but I often eat sweets and chocolate on days when I'm not fasting.  It's become too much of a habit, it's not good for me, and I want to stop.

This weekend I have the house to myself and as well as housework, shopping and running I'm systematically clearing the fridge and cupboards of the things I don't want to eat any more.  Today, that means eating quite a lot of Muller Greek-style yogurts!  I need to re-read the book, start my shopping list (chia seeds and coconut seem to feature highly) and start my journey towards a sugarless future.