Saturday, 21 June 2014

Day 6 without sugar

So I survived Chocolate Friday at work...had my usual Greek yogurt with coconut instead.  Lentil soup, crispbreads and sugar-free peanut butter for lunch, and pizza fiorentina for dinner.  Still under my TDEE (probably because the other half of the pizza is in the fridge!)

However, I was 300g heavier this morning than I was yesterday!  That seems a little unfair, especially after a loss earlier in the week.  Physically, I feel great, and I'm not getting hunger pangs.  Between meals, I barely think about food at all, in fact.  I've ignored the staffroom biscuit barrel all week, whereas I'd normally have my hand in there three times a day.  Maintaining this way of eating until the end of term (four more weeks) seems perfectly manageable.

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