Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Day 4 without sugar

Does browsing sugar-free recipes count as a lapse?!  I'll try some next week and report back - the shortbread sounds promising.  I haven't cooked with stevia before but will give it a go.  I'm not going to try anything with honey or agave etc.  I'm not even eating fruit at the moment so honey wouldn't make sense.

Survived the day with just my mail meals - puffed wheat cereal and coconut with yogurt, pasta bolognaise for lunch and pizza and salad for dinner.  A little short of my calorie goal but I simply wasn't hungry.  I took some salted popcorn to work for a snack but didn't get a chance to eat it in the end.  There's always tomorrow.  I suspect I'd have found time to eat chocolate though...

Weighed in today at 2lbs/900g lighter than I was on Sunday morning, the start of day 1.

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