Thursday, 26 June 2014

Day 12 and still finding it easy to be sugar-free

I actually had time to eat properly today, which is a big improvement on the last two days.  Another 200g loss this morning, so now lighter than I've been for a month or two, but I expect it to increase again now I've eaten properly. 

Someone's birthday at work, and she brought in samosas not chocolate or cakes, so I was able to have some.  A bit spicy, but at least I wasn't sitting there while everyone else tucked in. 

I still find that my blood sugar and hunger are stable.  I barely think about food between meals and rather than sit on the sofa in the evenings with my partner and a chocolate bar each, there's just us and HIS chocolate bar!

I've reread the I Quit Sugar book and don't find it particularly helpful.  It's not that it was a waste of money, just that having gone cold turkey on sugar and now just ignoring the stuff, I don't feel like there is anything to do.  Who needs an 8 week programme that doesn't really include any progression?

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