Monday, 23 June 2014

Sugar free but exhausted

I survived another sugar-free day.  I barely even glance at the staff room biscuit barrel now.  I either have breakfast on arrival at work, then have Greek yogurt at morning break, or just wait until break time and eat then.  It seems that my blood sugar levels are really stable now, for I rarely think about food between meal times.

I wouldn't say I've been having cravings, that's too strong a word...more like temptations!  I'm going to have to move that packet of jaffa cakes in the cupboard, they aren't even in a box and the sight of them is more than I can tolerate.  There's chocolate in the fridge too, but it's on the top shelf and I can't really see up there.  Knowing it's there isn't a problem, it's out of bounds and it doesn't feel like its existence has got anything to do with me. 

I was 100g lighter this morning, which is fairly meaningless but still a step in the right direction.  I had planned to run when I got home from work, but having not slept properly since Thursday night I was overcome by exhaustion and had a 90 minute nap instead! I felt foggy when I first awoke but I'm much more with it now.

Still think I can do this for another four weeks until the end of term.  It's not the desire to do so that's the problem, or that's it's a hardship, but when I'm gaining weight by eating less sugar it seems fairly pointless!

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