Saturday, 28 June 2014

End of the second sugar-free week

So I've completed another week without sugar, and I end the week feeling much more positive about the effects of my abstention.  Weight-wise, I am now 1.3kg lighter than I was two weeks ago (I think last week's time of the month really skewed my figures, as that has all dropped off this week).  My skin is clear, my energy levels more stable, and I'm not having any detox symptoms.  I don't generally eat between meals, or even think about food either.

This morning I volunteered at parkrun so ran there and back, and around half of the course, walking the rest as part of my 'tailrunner' role.  Psychologically, I have convinced myself that I don't have as much energy as I normally would, although I suspect that's not the case.  I should really try a much longer run, say around 15km, to see how I get on.  I'm just worried about running out of steam and being miles away from home!


  1. I'm on my phone, and the app won't let me reply to your comment, so let's see if this works!

    I got the link to the badges on the confirmation email they sent me. Did you get an email? Sure they'd be happy to send you another one if not.

    1. I got a link in the email, but it didn't take me to badges! I'll ask for another, thanks.


    Try this one! :)