Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Sugar-free day 10

Another day over, and more chocolate on the staff room table that I resisted easily.  I was no more interested than if someone had left a plate of cold meats or chicken legs there for me to help myself from - I've been vegetarian for 30 years!  Colleagues who know I'm doing this are interested, supportive, incredulous and not in the least tempted to join me.  One asked if I'd found my blood sugar crashing, and in fact I've found that it's the complete opposite.

My weight this morning was the same as yesterday.  I'm not a habitual daily weigher but at the moment it seems more likely to induce weight loss, which I know is nonsensical.

I ran 7.5km this evening, could have done more but it was getting late.  An average speed of 10km/h is not particularly fast for me but I hadn't eaten since lunch and didn't run til 8.30pm so perhaps that didn't help.

Fingers crossed that tomorrow brings a loss and another day of healthy, sugar-free eating, maybe even another run too.


  1. Well done! I am impressed with how easy you're making it sound! Were you a big sugar eater before?

  2. Yes, absolutely...I even had sweets and chocolate hidden in my bag at work and could eat far more than was good for me, providing no-one was watching!