Sunday, 29 June 2014

Salted popcorn...bleugh!

A trip to the cinema this evening, which is usually accompanied by a Costa hot chocolate, a pack of wafer biscuits and maybe something else to nibble on too.  Instead, I took along salted popcorn from the supermarket...not as nice as my usual option, but nonetheless sugar-free.

Today I haven't been craving chocolate, but thinking about it, which is not at all the same thing!  I have lots in the house, but it's not here for me to eat, so I'm ignoring it.  Three more weeks to go, then I'll tuck into the end of term chocs with relish.

Look, I know the blog title says 8 weeks but to be honest, it's too easy to do this to make it worthwhile dragging it out for eight weeks.  Maybe I'll take a week off when the school hols start and then resume my sugarless lifestyle until we go on holiday three weeks later.

Later on I'm going to watch this video, 'Cereal Killers' which was tweeted by Dr Aseem Malhotra.


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